Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello world! (Or why you should always keep your drivers up to date)

Hello world! (Or why you should always keep your drivers up to date)

Hello everyone,
I have no idea how you stumbled upon my blog, but I'm a game developer and designer. Hi.
I've created some quasi-famous browser games, and several less famous ones for Facebook/Mobile.

I work in a small indie studio and develop several games - currently I'm mainly working with Unity3D (Which is a great middleware for quick game development).

I hope to provide useful information, weird tricks and tips and in some random thoughts and ideas regarding gaming, game development, programming and design.

For my first post - I have a completely irrelevant post to gaming, and it is more technical.
After more than a year of having network issues in my PC (single threaded downloads get cut off about 90% of the time, including streaming videos) - I have solved the issue today, making myself feel very stupid along the way.

The problem went about as the following:
  1. Downloads using browsers would almost always get stuck midway (without the ability to resume)
  2. Streaming videos would get stuck and wouldn't buffer, and I had to forward the video to re-buffer it
  3. Several games would kick me out every now and then, and I'd had issues connecting to them

If anyone has encountered this issue, the solution is so simple it brought me to tears:
  1. Google your network adapter (can be found in the device manager)
  2. Find appropriate drivers for it
  3. Download & install

Boom - that fixed it for me. I just had to share this with the world, in case I even help out another helpless soul out there, I did my job.

I'll write a few posts here, hopefully more relevant to game development.


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